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Services Offer

Services we offer…..

We render following services to our clients -

                                     Sourcing & Product Development 

  • Informing the customers about the market trends and latest innovations related to home decoration and lifestyle products.
  • Choosing the right vendor based on their design and commercial abilities.
  • Assisting the vendors to interpret the buyer's guidelines/drawings and create the product closest to the buyer's requirements.
  • Preparing the buyer's initiary based on their past sales, and proposing potential vendors for the future.
  • Assisting the clients in making a complete collection following their trend forecast and negotiating best price for selected products.
  • Despatching requested samples to the buyer with complete specifications.



  • Coordinating the placement of orders and validating its details.
  • Monitoring production progress and keeping the buyer informed.
  • Conducting inspections at various stages to ensure conformity of quality.
  • Helping the factory upgrade their existing design and production infrastructure and assist them solving any production problem.


  • Ensuring the dispatch of the shipment within the date agreed by the client.
  • Monitoring and ensuring that the export documents are as per the buyer's requirement.
  • Coordinating with forwarder/shipping lines/airlines for a timely and cost effective shipment. 

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